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Annie Armstrong
Who was Annie Armstrong? 
“Most Southern Baptists think Annie Armstrong is just the name of a missions offering. They have no idea the role she played in raising money for foreign missions, championing home missions, and advocating a Southern Baptist Sunday School ministry – she was a tireless denomination builder.”
Armstrong (1850-1938) helped to found the Woman’s Missionary Union in 1888 and served as its inaugural corresponding secretary. A prolific letter writer on behalf of the WMU and its mission, Armstrong once wrote more than 18,000 letters in one year.
From 1900 through her resignation as WMU secretary in 1906, Armstrong refused to accept a salary. Her resignation came after the union mandated that the corresponding secretary be paid. Armstrong often traveled great distances in her work with WMU, once covering 3,300 miles in 21 days, visiting 19 places, stopping at 26 different addresses, according to her biography at the Southern Baptist, personality in Baptist history.
“Her biographer styled her as a ‘dreamer in action,'” he said. “I would put the emphasis on action. She worked long, hard hours in too many ventures to recount in a brief story.”
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