To Our Community…

When you look at our community, what do you see?
“I’m surprised at how vibrant we still are,” and “This community is a fountain of strength and talent,” are some of the quotes that have come out of our asset map team meetings. For the past six weeks, I have been privileged to work with a talented, diverse, and passionate group of people who have created a map that shows many of Valley Mills ‘assets and strengths.’ The many things that make our community great – open parks, a school system, public places, a plethora of locally owned businesses – all contribute to making our town what it is. The goal of this team is to see Valley Mills the way God sees it. It is true that our town is not perfect. It is also true that our town has a lot of good things happening. I think the same can be said of us as people, don’t you think?
This team is taking steps to better understand our town and her people, and praying all along the way for how God might be calling us to act based upon what he shows us. IN a few weeks, the team will present our findings and suggestions based upon what we have seen. I hope you will come and see the fruit of their labor!
In a similar way, God has given every one of us our talents, strengths, personalities, educational opportunities, families, and our church body. Are you aware of God’s blessing in your life? I love the hymn “Count Your Blessings.” If life with God feels stale to you, I suggest Counting your blessings. I wonder how pondering God’s blessings in you life might turn your heart to worship.
One blessing at the top of my list is being here with you all. You have already changed my life in wonderful ways. 
Much love,
Travis Engel
Church Administrator

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